Blimp: The Movie

 Blimp --The Movie

In a stunning Super Bowl Weekend surprise, the team that brought you the Ron Paul Blimp spins off a complete action-adventure film based on the project.  

Blimp Battle Warriors, written with complete disregard for the screenwriters’ strike by Libertarian scribe Buzz Marconi, stars Congressman Ron Paul — but was made without the Republican presidential candidate’s active participation.

“We used blue screen and CGI for just about everything we couldn’t shoot on the blimp,” explains Marconi, who also directed. “That way we didn”t interfere with the campaign logistically or legally. Like the blimp, the film isn’t part of the campaign, so there was no limit to how much we could spend — or how much we can make. The T-shirts and Arlo’s sound-track ringtones are selling a bomb, too. I can’t believe how it’s working out. I feel lighter than air!”

The feature was shot by the same crew of “blimp chasers” and “sky cameras” who have made the blimp live video streams so compelling. Thus far the film has opened at the Liberty Drive-In in Alpine Texas, Log Cabin Theater in Arkadelphia Arkansas, Zimmerman Playhouse in Hibbing, Minnesota, and student unions at selected colleges.

Mass internet distribution is planned for this Monday, the day between Super Bowl Sunday and the multi-state “Super Tuesday” presidential primary elections. “I figure we’ll sell about three million downloads at ten bucks apiece,” said Marconi. “We’ll convert it to gold as soon as possible.”


Image by Mike Licht.

Mike Licht, Download it here. Attribution: Mike Licht,

Only 10 more minutes until show time. Visit the snack bar now!

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