Lookout, Louie!

Lookout, Louie! 

Just when the people of the District of Columbia thought Louie Gohmert, Our Congressman, was safe, this happens! Out of nowhere, wham! Roger L. Owen is running as an independent back in Louie’s Other District, District 1 out in the Piney Woods of East Texas! Jiminy Cricket!

All Mr. Owen has to do is get 500 TX-1 voters who don’t vote in the primaries to sign his petition and he’s in the race! Poor Louie had to run all over East Texas raising $300,000 and then, while he’s off in Kurdistan getting his picture took, Mr. Owen is out on the web and has Louie in his sights!

Mr. Owen ran against Louie two years ago and almost had him in two of the district’s 12⅜ counties. Recall that our Virginia neighbor Tom DeLay juggled district boundaries in the Lone Star State right before this. Of course, charges that Mr. Owen was a convicted felon were not an asset for him, even in Texas.

I’ve asked Mr. Owen for his position on a Congressional vote for the District of Columbia and Utah, but I haven’t heard back from him. Louie’s position is that DC doesn’t need a vote in Congress; he’s gonna take real good care of us personally, all by his own self.  At one point he must have told his Legislative Assistants to stop working on boring bills and draft a practical joke offering to give residential DC to the state of Maryland. Gotta love that sense of humor! Especially since the Alabama-Coushatta people have rights to half his Texas District — the day they get it is the day Annapolis accepts DC. Haw!

Mr. Owen exhibits the same dry regional wit. Two years ago, running against Mr. Gohmert as a Democrat, he came out with some homophobic statements that were actually taken seriously by Democratic bloggers in that Sodom on the Colorado, Austin. Why didn’t he tell us he was just funnin’ to goof on all those closet gay Republicans like Senator Larry Craig and Congressman Mark Foley? What a hoot!

True, the fact that the treasurer of “Roger Owen For Congress” is Roger L. Owen, and that the word “ballot” is misspelled on the campaign website diminishes the sense of threat, but still, you never know.

NotionsCapital will update Washingtonians on the fast-breaking developments of this close race as soon as we get updates from our Nacogdoches and Tyler bureaus.

Image by Mike Licht.

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