Hail and Farewell

Hail and Farewell

(Above: Florida Republicans greet Rudy Giuliani.)

Like many vacationing “snowbirds,” Rudolph William Louis Giuliani learned that Floridians were glad to take his money but it wasn’t really love. The former New York mayor will quit the presidential horserace at the Reagan Ranch in California tomorrow and ride shotgun on the John McCain bandwagon.

Mr. Giuliani flew to Florida with excess baggage, scandals both personal and political. The nostalgia of Miami’s New York retirees did not transmute into votes; the Panhandle could not regard an ethnic New York Pro-Choice Catholic with anything but suspicion. Cuban-Americans in the Sunshine State all have relatives in Union City, New Jersey and have no affection for those across the Hudson.

Mr. Giuliani did receive 15 percent of the vote, but this can be accounted for in two words: Florida elections.

Florida Election margin of error +or- hanging chads


Top: Mike Licht brewed that there sour mash-up back in the ‘Glades.   

Mike Licht, notionsCapital.com  Get it here. Attribution: Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com

Bottom image: Today’s Seniors Network.


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