Nevada Oddsmakers Take a Pasadena on Dems

Nevada Oddsmakers take a Pasadena

The smart money in Nevada was on Republican Romney — lots of Mormons in Nevada, natch — but oddsmakers took a pass on the Democratic caucus contest conclusion. The Clinton — Obama bout is shaping up as the predicted slugfest, too close to call.

 Romney was projected as the Silver State Champeen at about 1PM eastern, but no one sees a clear Democratic winner yet.

The 60,000-member Culinary Workers Union has endorsed Obama; the leaders of Nevada’s teacher’s union, most of whose members are women, have endorsed Clinton. Clever card-play put caucus sites in casinos, near the union hotel workers, but this might anger teachers enough to motivate their caucus participation.

The wild card in Nevada’s Democratic shuffle is the impact of the foreclosure rate, three-and-a-half times that of any other state. Conventional wisdom says endangered homeownership motivates female voters, but will it motivate them to vote for a woman or a new dealer?

Everyone’s anted up; we’ll find out soon.

 Image by Mike Licht from an actual mortgage ad (merciful heavens). Contest language seems appropriate for Nevada and more seemly than using metaphors from the state’s other big industry, prostitution.

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