(Don’t Leave) Home for the Holidays

(Don't Leave) Home for the Holidays

I’m leaving a tiny carbon footprint this Christmas — I’m staying in DC.

No worries about weather at O’Hare messing up flight schedules nationwide. No grumpy TSA employees or metal detectors. No traffic back-ups at the Delaware Bridge. Talk to the family on the phone. Hang up. Peace on Earth. Goodwill to humans and pets.

Washington is peaceful over the holidays. Many residents evacuate, and the tourist invasion slows to a trickle. Traffic is sparse. You can wander through museums without elbowing chattering school kids, and get a table in the coffeehouses — the bloggers have left, taking their laptops with them.

Enjoy your holidays, and be careful on the return trip.

Image by Mike Licht, adapted from a WWII poster. Is this trip really necessary?

One Response to “(Don’t Leave) Home for the Holidays”

  1. Samantha Says:

    Arn’t the holidays so much more simple and relaxing when you don’t have to travel?

    It is hard to be thankful and enjoy friedns and family when you waste time and frustration on traffic, highways, and airports!

    Washington really does feel empty today though, except for the grocery store!

    Amanda from DCMetrocentric

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