Tom Tancredo’s Big Announcement

TomTancredos Big Announcement

Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) is going to make a major announcement today.

When a presidential candidate with miniscule poll numbers and even less money schedules a “Major Announcement,” odds are he will drop out.

I feel so guilty. If only I’d had time to advise Tom earlier. I have been helping candidates find alternative ways to raise money. Money, Lifeblood of Democracy. I have freely given my expert advice to candidates of both parties out of a sense of civic duty and so they stop trying to get personal cash donations from me. I also know our nation’s vital broadcasting, newspaper, robo-telephone and direct mail industries depend on the billions of campaign dollars sluicing through them under the delusion that voters care about this stuff.

So far I have advised Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY), former Senator Fred Thompson (R-NBC), Governor Bill Richardson (D-NM), Senator John McCain (R-AZ), Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D, OH-10), former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani (R – hah!- NYC), Senator Barack Obama (D-IL), former Governor Mike Huckabee (R-AR), and former Senator Mike Gravel (D-AK). They must be so busy using my advice they haven’t had time to call and thank me or send an Iowa postcard.

So many candidates; so little time. I was about to get to Tom. I could have helped. If only he had called and explained his situation . . . .

For example, you know how Tom Tancredo’s campaign is based on “toddlers’ crew socks”? What? No? Okay, go to this link and see. We’ll wait. C’mon, go ahead, it’s not long. Hit your browser’s “back” arrow afterward and we’ll continue.

Okay, you know how Tom Tancredo’s campaign is based on “toddlers’ crew socks,” and everyone buys baby gifts all the time, especially Republicans (babies themselves are Libertarians or Anarchists). Think how much money Congressman Tancredo could have raised with these:

Tancredo Toddler Socks

Mr. Tancredo is best known for his immigration policy, summarized in the Wall Street Journal as “America: World’s Largest Gated Community.” He is a great proponent of that big fence on our southern border. Imagine how many Tancredo supporters would have bought these:

Tancredo Immigration T-shirt

Oh well. I wonder if Duncan Hunter need T-shirts . . . . .

Images by Mike Licht, uncommitted voter, former NRA Small-Bore Rifle Instructor. Anita says I’m a much bigger bore these days.

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