Crumbs of Wisdom from Creative Loafing

Crumbs of wisdom from Creative Loafing

Ken Edelstein, editor of Atlanta’s “alternative weekly” Creative Loafing, blogs about giving pink slips to seven non-newsroom staff members Friday. He avoided editorial cuts because the paper has been working two writers short already (local comments claim it shows). CL’s parent company bought Chicago’s Reader and DC’s City Paper this summer and just axed writers and editors at each.

Edelstein: “Why is this happening? Did CL overextend when it purchased City Paper and the Reader?”

His answer: no. (A blog commenter guffaws at this fearless, unbiased response.)

The assertion is followed by an awkward paean to courageous Tampa-based philosopher-king and CL CEO Ben Eason, comparisons between CL’s weeklies and the Atlanta Constitution, and a treatise on newspaper economics so superficial it would embarrass a paperboy.

I suggested some investigative reporting to Mr. Edelstein: examination of BIA Digital Partners of Chantilly, VA, the folks who fronted Eason the money to buy the Reader and CP and re-fi his existing mini-empire. BIA entered the picture and two respected alt-weeklies are in danger of becoming as vacuous and content-free as the other BIA radio and lifestyle-magazine investments.

BIA itself is part of a constellation of financial outfits that provides merger and acquisition advice, finances (both private and government) and (for all I know) beer coozies and bumper stickers for media companies, broadly defined.

There you have it; another heart-warming holiday story from Creative Loafing and BIA Digital Partners, LP.

Image by Mike Licht.

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