Sky Watch

Sky Watch

You may have heard: The blimp boosting presidential hopeful Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) will not make it to Boston as planned this weekend. It will cruise the Carolinas to avoid bad weather up north.

Libertarian lift-off is scheduled for 8AM Friday, December 14th. The 197-foot-long craft will leave Elizabeth City, NC, fly over Raleigh and overnight in Charlotte. The dirigible drifts to Columbia, SC on Saturday to spend the Sabbath, then moseys north Monday morning.

The flight plan involves a Fayetteville fly-over, but the lighter-than-air-craft will apparently not challenge the restricted airspace of Washington, DC, as initially thought.

I’m going to watch the sky anyway. The way this campaign is going, anything could happen.


Image by Mike Licht. Klaatu barada nikto. Ta, Missus Kucinich.   Creative Commons - Attribution required: Mike Licht,

Download from Mike’s Flickr site.

3 Responses to “Sky Watch”

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    […] Look! Up in the air! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Dennis Kucinich’s UFO! […]

  2. WonkoBlog » Blog Archive » Campaign has jumped the shark Says:

    […] can we talk about over the next 3+ months?  I sense a UFO story on the horizon… oh, wait, that’s already been done… Bookmark this […]

  3. ez-e Says:

    Great satire collection, great work. But is this cheap shot really needed? Kucinch is one of the (increasingly) few rational Dems with a spine. So he made a political miscalculation. Let the Reps be the ones to twist the knife.

    Besides, flying saucers are apparently very real. And in this case, truth may be stranger than fiction, at least according to this PBS program.

    …Attempts at building flying saucers had been made in the 1920’s and in 1944. As the Allies overran Nazi Germany, young and brilliant aircraft designers were dispatched to learn the secrets of the Third Reich’s “saucer development” as part of the post-war military effort to win the Cold War…

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