Paper Cuts for Christmas — Update

Paper Cuts for Christmas — Update

New York Times columnist David Carr wrote about the staff writer layoffs at the Washington City Paper and Chicago Reader. Mr. Carr knows something about metro weeklies. He is former editor of the City Paper and the Twin Cities Reader. You may recall his CP column about DC media, “Paper Trail.”

The Washington City Paper just laid off five writers; the Chicago Reader four. Both papers were recently acquired by Florida-based Creative Loafing with loans from a Virginia venture capital partnership. “It is as if Creative Loafing executives bought a shiny new doll and then once they got their hands on it, felt compelled to tear its head off,” writes Carr.

John Conroy, one of the reporters cut by the Chicago Reader, wrote stories that initiated a chain of events freeing four wrongly-convicted death-row inmates. Carr called the mother of one of the former inmates. “Without John Conroy’s stories, the public would have never believed what happened to my son,” she tooled him. “It is so important to have a reporter who knew the whole story, who did the reporting, and told people, over and over, what was really going on.”

Think freelance reporters can find and report the “whole story”?  Think it won’t matter if they can’t? Think again.


Image by Mike Licht. Keep your hands off my iPod navel ring.

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