New Metro Cars

New Metro Cars

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) put two new prototypes of the 6000 Series subway car into service last week, outfitted with video cameras so Metrorail management can observe customer reactions to them.

The new railcars, which lack Metro’s trademark mildewed carpeting, have exciting new features like spring-loaded hanging loops, folding bench-type seats and grab poles, things only seen on other American subways since about 1908.

The most innovative aspect of the Series 6000 configuration is the removal of up to 26 seats in some cars. There is a rumor that when doors open at each station, passengers will walk around these cars to recorded music; those who can’t find seats when the music stops will get to use the new loops and grab poles. If the writers’ strike continues, Metro may sell surveillance videos of this process to TV networks as a new reality show, earning enough additional income to roll back those projected fare increases.

Image by turnstile-jumping Mike Licht, with respectful apologies to Lily Furedi (1901-1969).

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