City Paper: Cuts for Christmas

City Paper Cuts for Christmas

Washington City Paper staff writers Joe Eaton, Amanda S. Miller, Tim Carman and Jessica Gould and editorial assistant Joe Dempsey are getting pink slips for Christmas, writes FishbowlDC. Tim Carman will continue as a freelancer. Editorial assistant Amanda Hess will take over the Show & Tell column from Jessica Gould.

The Washington City Paper and Chicago Reader were acquired by the Creative Loafing chain this summer. Guess what? The Reader just laid off staff writers John Conroy, Tori Marlan, Harold Henderson, and Steve Bogira.

This is explained as a “budget issue,” meaning Creative Loafing paid too much for the papers and bought them with someone else’s money. Since buying DC and Chicago papers in August, CL has noticed – OMG! – Craigslist is taking classified ad business from newspapers, even “alternative” weeklies. Solution: fire the staff that created the value of the properties in the first place.

Somehow freelancers are supposed to take the place of staff writers in investigative and other long-form journalism. While DC teems with 20-something trust fund babies who will write for free, and daily papers have even experimented with editorial offshore out-sourcing, the lack of experienced staff writers who know the territory is bound to affect the quality of the City Paper and Reader.

Happy Holidays from Creative Loafing, Inc. and BIA Digital Partners, LP.

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