Slick Shore Driving

Slick Shore Driving

Four crashes and spinouts galore were reported on U.S. 13 Tuesday morning as twenty miles of Virginia highway were covered with chicken fat.

A tank truck hauling chicken waste from the Purdue chicken factory to a rendering plant leaked chicken waste onto the road, the transportation backbone of the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia. By the time the truck was stopped at the Maryland – Virginia state line, a slick film of fat and grease covered the highway and had been spread onto side roads by vehicle tires. One motorist was sent to the hospital. The Purdue Company hired contractors to sand the roads and remove the slippery hazard.

Millions of gallons of waste are produced by poultry-cleaning plants now that consumer demand for packaged chicken parts has outstripped orders for whole birds. Rendered chicken fat or schmaltz, a staple of German and Jewish cooking, is not a feature of the American kitchen, but the fat is used by prepared food and pet food processors.

Image McNuggets processed by Mike Licht.

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