GOP Loyalty Oath No-Go

GOP Loyalty Oath No-Go

The Virginia Republican State Central Committee has abandoned the “Loyalty Oath” requirement for voters in the February 12th Republican presidential primary. Voters will not be required to sign an oath swearing loyalty to the eventual GOP ticket.

Virginia voters do not register as members of a political party, so the GOP fears interference by Democratic voters in the GOP race, as if Democrats don’t have a race of their own to consider.

According to Tim Craig of the Washington Post, such a loyalty pledge was required of voters in the 1995 Republican primary for chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.  Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia actually signed that pledge before voting in that election, while he was sitting on the bench of the highest court of the United States.

I am no lawyer, but knowing that Justice Scalia signed such a clearly unconstitutional oath, I have to wonder about his past rulings on voting rights and his participation in such cases in future.

Antonin Scalia

Top image by Mike Licht; bottom, SCOTUS photo portrait

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