Global Terrorists Revealed!

Global Terrorists Revealed!

While the covert Keystone Kops of the Department of Homeland Security trip over each other with warrant-less wiretapping, data-mining, and peeping at paintball-players, a patient investigation of conventional Web sources has uncovered a radical global terror network, Al-Ka Seltzer (AKS).

There are insidious secret cells of this group on six continents. In the United States, AKS instructs our innocent young people in chemical reactions,  rocket building, even computer combat simulation, “Blast’em 300.”  There are frightening, heartbreaking photos of innocent American kids working in deadly AKS rocket factories:

Al-Ka Seltzer Rocket Factory USAAl-Ka Seltzer Rocket Factory USA

Al-Ka Seltzer Rocket Testing

Persistent rumors claim Al-ka Seltzer will undermine the media during the winter holiday season, using radio and television broadcasts to signal release of toxic gases throughout North America. Be alert for interruption of regular programming with foreign code words. They sound something like “plop-op fizz-izz.”

You have been warned.

Chertoff DHS Gastric Alert System

Creative Commons license -- attribute Mike Licht,    Top, bottom images by Mike Licht; others through secret surveillance.

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