Caution: Anthropologists at Work

Anthropologists at Work

Feel like someone is observing you and tasking notes? Could be. The town is just swarming with anthropologists.  The American Anthropological Association (AAA) is meeting at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel from now until December 2nd. There will  be enough lectures, panels, poster sessions, videos, interactive programs, and discussion forums to scare the natives anywhere, even DC.

A few titles:

Pop Mediation in Hip Hop and Reggaeton: The Role of Everyday Practitioners, the State and Corporate Media

Divas, Publics, Subjects: Towards Anthropology of Musical Celebrity

Anthropology From the Axis of Evil and Beyond

Tracing the Commodification of Traditional Bodily Practices: A Look at the Transnational Circuits of Japanese Sumo and South Asian Yoga

Anthropological Portrayals of Human and Non-Human Relationships and Intimate Environmentalisms

Doing the Hokey Pokey: Praxis, Pedagogy and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Against the Weaponization of Anthropology: Critical Perspectives on the Military, War and US Foreign Policy

Bamboozling the Public: Ignorance or Design in the Distortion of Science?

Writing Shamanism Today in Theory and Practice

Zombies, Witches and Others: Representations of Labor, Money and Modernity in Africa and the African Diaspora

Among the Political Natives: The Ethnography of Politicians and Their Tactics

Commodified Romance and Intimate Selves

Wired Nomads: Globalizing Links and Focal Problems

Hookin’ Up (With Jesus): Kinship, Desire and Love Among Born-Again Young Adults in the Global South

New Media Anthropology

The Empire Speaks Back: US Military and Intelligence Organizations’ Perspectives on Engagement With Anthropology

Vice and Virtue in the Global Public Sphere: The Cultural Politics of Evangelical Morality

The Interchangeable Body? Body Parts and Negotiation of Body Boundaries in the Past and Present

Queer Excursions: Moving Beyond the Binary in Language, Gender and Sexuality Research

Love, Freedom and Sexuality in a Cross-Cultural Perspective: China, Moldova and India

The Unequal/Loaded/Ticklish Gift: Reciprocity Between State and Citizens

Delectable Death: Intersections of Cuisine and the Beyond

The Everyday Lives of Video Games


For information, check out the AAA website.


Image by Mike Licht; not assessed by the Human Studies Review Board.

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