Talking Turkey 2007

Talking Turkey 2007

President George W. Bush today “pardoned” the National Thanksgiving Turkey in a White House ceremony in the Rose Garden. He also celebrated the 60th anniversary of the first modern Turkey Presentation (pre-modern Turkey Presentations occurred before the Ottoman Empire fell in 1920).

Bush and National Turkey Federation (NTF) Chairman Ted Seger took no chances with “May,” a 21-week old, 45-pound tom and its body-double, “Flower.” The birds, natives of Jasper, Indiana, were pardoned, rushed away from paparazzi, herded into an airplane by Press Secretary Perino’s dog, Henry, and entered the Federal Witness Protection Program at an undisclosed Southern theme park with big mice.

May at the White House 2007

The birds were unruffled but disappointed. President Bush has pardoned embezzlers, moonshiners, car thieves and tax cheats, too. Even Nixon got a pardon. Last year’s National Thanksgiving Turkey, Flyer, was pardoned and awarded the National Medal of Freedom. All May and Flower got was a trip to Disney Wor – um, a big theme park. Could it be because this year’s tom turkey and his long-time tom companion are named “May” and “Flower”? Sometimes this conservative social agenda goes too far. Isn’t Thanksgiving a holiday for everyone?

Truman and Turkey, 1947

Photos: White House, National Turkey Federation, FBI Fowl Surveillance Archives.

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