Pantsless Pearson Officially Unseated

Pantless Pearson Officially Unseated

It’s official.

Put it on a plastic-draped hanger; take it away.

To the dismay of headline writers everywhere, D.C. Administrative Law Judge Roy Pearson was officially notified yesterday that he would not be reappointed. He turned in his keys and left the D.C. Office of Administrative Hearings.

Judge Pearson’s recent $54 million lawsuit against a neighborhood drycleaners over a lost pair of pants failed.

No bets on whether this job decision will provoke Judge Pearson to sue.

Image by Mike Licht. The ex-judge is unseated; Court is adjourned.

4 Responses to “Pantsless Pearson Officially Unseated”

  1. John Says:
    Joel, a Certified Paralegal in California: “A few points you
    overlooked: 1. The Plaintiff is not a ‘real’ judge. He was an Administrative Law Judge, which often bears much the same relationship to a real judge as a two-bit prostitute does to a chaste woman. 2. The Plaintiff achieved his ‘judgeship’ through racial discrimination. He was an affirmative action beneficiary, and was not considered in any way particularly smart or deserving. Other than through his skin color.
    3. The Plaintiff was considered, by some people close to the matter, generally obnoxious and ‘pushy.’ 4. The Plaintiff may have been a bigot, according to some people close to the matter. He was quoted as making various bigoted remarks about ‘yellows… slants… slopes.’ The Plaintiff was, in my opinion, a dirtbag. But it is interesting to see that the media reports only his financial dirtbag actions, and overlooks his reputed bigotry.”

  2. Mike Licht Says:

    John: Granted that, except for immigration law, Administrative Law Judges usually deal with relatively penny-ante matters. What is scary about them is the absence of a jury – they are literally judge and jury.

    I’m curious: as you are in California, how do you know previously-undisclosed details of Mr. Pearson’s career and personal beliefs? The record indicates he is most certainly a single-minded individual, but his other fixations have involved persons of his own race, including his ex-wife, and racial epithets do not generally go unnoticed in DC.

    I am no doctor but it appears that Mr. Pearson has been in need of professional mental health advice since at least 2002.

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