Turkey To-Do Tees Off Tenants

How do you say “Fore!” in Turkish?

U.S. servicemen stationed in Turkey are quaking in their flightboots over the Congressional resolution about Turkey and the Armenians, but not for the reasons you may have heard. The U.S. Air Force and Army families in Turkey have a lot more to lose. Let me put it into numbers:

9 Holes, Par 36.

Since 1951, when the U.S. built Incirlik AFB as a Cold War bulwark against the USSR, the airbase has gradually acquired many of the comforts of home. And because Incirlik is near Iraq and within striking distance of Iran and Syria, the 39th Combat Support and Community Services Unit does all it can to make daily life enjoyable.

The U.S. presence is reviewed by Turkey every six months, and the Congressional resolution could endanger the whole American Way of Life as it is enjoyed by servicemen in Turkey. Here is what could be lost besides all that boring strategic and logistical military stuff:

U.S. Air Force at Hodja Lakes Golf Course,

Tops In Blue. Yee Hah.

Civil Engineers got game!

USAF Band, Sole Funktion

Military Non-Denominational if Sexist Holiday Revue

They have taxis! Isn't that convenient . . . .

America's babysitter, Incirlik-style

Top image by Mike Licht; all others from Incirlik AFB web site.

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