Crate Art?

Long-lost art or 70-year-old underwear? 

Baltimore’s Walters Art Museum was founded by railroad magnate Henry Walters (1848 – 1931) who left a palace filled with 22,000 art objects for the edification and enjoyment of the public.

Henry also left a mystery.

An archivist recently found two of Henry’s crates, padlocked, in a storage room. The crates arrived at the museum four decades ago from a bank Walters ran, but none of the old keys at the museum matched the padlocks on the crates and they were never opened. The mystery crates will be opened by a locksmith at 7:30PM on Friday, November 2nd at the Walters. Admission is free.

Curator Gary Vikan will exhibit a slide show about Elvis at 6:30PM, before the event, even though our revered national saint was not born until 1935, after the crate was sealed. Why? Another mystery.

Image by Mike Licht (American, Digital Primitive School).

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