Pantsless Judge Loses Gown

Panel Judges Judge’s Temperament.

Roy Pearson Jr. will not have his appointment as an administrative law judge extended, according to Keith L. Alexander of the Post and WTOP radio.

A closed-door committee of the D.C. Office of Administrative Hearings ruled that the Judge, world-famous for his $54 million lawsuit against the drycleaners who allegedly lost a pair of his pants, will not have his initial two-year appointment extended for another decade. The committee reviewed Pearson’s work and the lawsuit insofar as it indicates his temperament as a judge.

The ruling will not be official until Pearson receives an official letter about the ruling, which may take a week.

Pearson’s two-year term as an administrative law judge expired in April, and he has continued on the DC payroll as an adviser for the D.C. Office of Hearings, the agency that oversees administrative law judges.

Image by Mike Licht. The Court will be seated, pantsless or not.

5 Responses to “Pantsless Judge Loses Gown”

  1. suicide_blond Says:

    what do you wanna bet he sues the city..

  2. Mike Licht Says:

    That’s going to be a very carefully-written “Dear Roy” letter.

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