Pantsless Pearson Plea Panel Pauses

Pantsless Pearson Presses Plea; Panel Pauses

Last night Judge-in-exile Roy Pearson Jr. had a closed-door meeting with a commission, trying to save his job, says Scott McCabe of the Examiner. After three hours, the meeting adjourned until Monday.

It is thought Pearson discussed his constitutional right to bring a $54 Million lawsuit over a lost pair of pants, a critical letter about an agency superior he says was protected under the Whistleblower Act, and a Virginia court order that he pay his ex-wife $12,000 for “creating unnecessary litigation” during their divorce.

It is not known if his $60 million lawsuit in 2002 against the developer of his housing complex was questioned.

Pearson’s two-year term as an administrative law judge expired in April, and he has continued on the DC payroll as an adviser for the D.C. Office of Hearings, the agency that oversees administrative law judges.

Oyez Oyez. Image by Mike Licht. Be seated.

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