Ballou and Burma

“. . . a real dialogue that leads to a peaceful transition to democracy.”

Last Week, First Lady Laura Bush addressed a Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee about her deep concern for the peaceful democracy activists in Burma and the “shameful” crackdown on protests by young monks.

Yesterday she threw a reporter out of the White House for asking if the Washington, DC high school students she was honoring should aspire to be in the U.S. House of Representatives.

If Mrs. Bush can make official statements about democracy for the young people of Burma, she can answer a perfectly reasonable question about democracy for the youngsters of her nation’s capital.

The young members of the Ballou Band watched the First Lady, a professional educator, eject a reporter for exercising a constitutionally protected right, for asking a question about their own rights and future.

Mrs. Laura Bush taught the members of the Ballou High School Band a Civics lesson they will never forget.

2 Responses to “Ballou and Burma”

  1. Jon Katz Says:

    Kudos to commentator Mark Plotkin, for sticking to his convictions, for doing so with Laura Bush (whose husband and his political party have been no friends of District of Columbia statehood), for somehow finding a way to get hired by WTOP when his rabble-rousing bona fides were well known when he was hired, and for finding a way to stay with WTOP apparently without watering himself down. I would like to see or hear a full and unvarnished version of this whole White House ejection affair from Laura Bush or her handlers, but am not holding my breath.

    The rest of my blog entry on this is at

  2. Dale Lowery Says:

    The hypocrisy of our elected (sic) leaders and their advisors, confidants, and now spouses is well-known and should not occasion any surprise. Disappointment, sure. Regret, you bet. Surprise? Not so much.

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