NY Hearts Prius

New York Hearts Prius

Walking around New York’s City Hall neighborhood last week, I was surprised to see many official municipal government license plates on Toyota Priuses (is that the correct plural?). It appears that the government purchased at least 834 hybrids, mostly Toyotas, for city agencies.  

I recall when NYC employees and officials wouldn’t dream of buying imported vehicles as personal, let alone official cars. Now that Toyota plants dot the US landscape, Ford and GM use imported parts, and unions aren’t what they used to be, “going green” trumps everything. 

New York is currently encouraging taxis and limos to go hybrid, but I don’t recall seeing any.

2 Responses to “NY Hearts Prius”

  1. Lewis Says:

    I’ve been in a Prius hybrid, as well as a Ford Escape hybrid.

    Both of which were quite comfortable. I prefered the Escape, because of the way the divider/driver security plexiglass curves around the driver’s seat only, leaving the front passenger seat for, well, a passenger.

    The Prius was quite comfortable, although it suffers the same problem the average Crown Vic taxi has, in that it’s rather low to the ground compared to a SUV or a proper (in my opinion) London taxicab.

    Still, it was nice to be in a shiny new taxi, and it’s nice to see the city getting some variety into the taxi fleets.

  2. Mike Licht Says:

    New York’s old Checker cabs had a comfortable seat elevation and a realistic door entry area. You have hit upon the main reason I believe the SUV is popular despite horrible fuel consumption and a ghastly safety record – the elevated seating is more suitable to US driving habits, where adults are always jumping in and out of cars. Someone should market an updated version of the Checker Marathon sedan.

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