Free Mural Map of Eastern Market

Eastern Market Mural Map - get youre free copy 


27 distinguished artists created murals to cover the boarded-up windows of the historic South Hall of Eastern Market, heavily damaged by fire. The free diagram indicates the location of each mural, the name of the artist who painted it, and the title of the work. The “map” is based on a print by Capitol Hill artist Thomas Bucci.

 Free copies of the map are available only at Eastern Market locations, near the murals: 

Capitol Hill Books, 657 C St. SE (opposite the Market’s C St., SE façade

Uncle Brutha’s Hot Sauce Emporium, 323 Seventh St. SE 

And at these Eastern Market locations on weekends:

Agora Farms

Capitol Hill Community Foundation 

• Eastern Market South Hall interior viewing station

Uncle Brutha’s Hot Sauce (farmer’s line location)

The flyer also lists artists who regularly exhibit their work at the Market each weekend.

 Many Eastern Market vendors are in the new East Hall (in the playground of Hine JHS, between 7th and 8th Streets at C St., SE) and artists and the flea market are still going strong while the historic building is under renovation. Market Lunch will open on September 15th, and there are free concerts on Sundays in front of Port City Java (701 North Carolina Ave. SE).

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