Iraqi Police Failure: APB for CPA

The Policeman is your friend, insha'Allah . . . .

The independent commission led by retired Marine Corps General James Jones will recommend the disbanding of the Iraqi National Police, the branch directly under Iraq’s Ministry of the Interior. It is too riddled with Militia members to be effective. How could the Militias infiltrate the Iraqi National Police? CPA Order 91, June 2004. 

The young Americans running the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) developed a “transition and reintegration strategy for disbanding or controlling Militias,” issued as CPA Order 91 in June 2004. The strategy:  recruit Militia members into Iraqi security forces, retire some Militia members with veterans’ benefits, and reintegrate others “through education, training, and job placement . . . . “ 

The CPA estimated that 60,000 Militia members would “transition” into Iraqi security services—the Iraqi Armed Forces, Iraqi Police Service, or the Kurdistan Internal Security Forces — by October 2005 (Page 66 GAO-04-902R Rebuilding Iraq). Nice work, folks.

2 Responses to “Iraqi Police Failure: APB for CPA”

  1. Richard Dress Says:

    Can it really be this screwed up? Is there any hope at all for self-government? (I mean our government)

  2. The Seamy Side of the “Surge” « NotionsCapital Says:

    […] a horrendous error made by the first U.S. occupation authority, gangs of local thugs have been assembled, armed, and paid to terrorize their Iraqi neighbors into […]

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