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July 11, 2014


Faith Dane, who played Mazeppa in the play and film Gypsy, is running for DC Mayor again. She takes her trumpet to campaign events because, in politics, You Gotta Have a Gimmick.


Round, Rested, and Running for Re-Election

July 1, 2014

Round, Rested, and Running for Re-Election
Just in time for Canada Day, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has returned to town after a two-month rehab stint at GreeneStone treatment center. He apologized for embarrassing the city with his erratic behavior and escapades,  declared himself “ashamed, embarrassed and humiliated” and said he “has no one to blame but myself,” but he’s still running for re-election in October.


“Crack-smoking Toronto mayor Rob Ford says he’s sober as he returns to office after two months of rehab,” Sasha Goldstein, New York Daily News

“Toronto Mayor Rob Ford: Rehab saved my life,” BBC News

“Rob Ford: What powers does he still have as mayor?” CBC News

“Rob Ford begs for another chance after his stint in rehab,” Canadian Press via Maclean’s

“Rob Ford, with equal parts contrition and bombast, makes it clear he isn’t going away,” Richard Warnica, National Post

“Rob Ford returns: But can he still win the mayoral race?” Mark Gollom, CBC News


Red-Meat Republicans

June 13, 2014

Red-Meat Republicans

In the 2014 Republican primary, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s campaign and PAC spent nearly $170,000 at DC power steakhouses, chiefly Bobby Van’s and BLT Steak. His victorious opponent Dave Brat’s entire campaign cost $122,000.

“”It’s rare that you would see a fundraiser at a Ruby Tuesday or a Chipotle,’ said Lisa Spies, a veteran GOP fundraiser …. ‘You’ve got to spend money to raise money.’

In the 2014 cycle, all federal candidates have spent just over $9,000 on Chipotle, and $1,229 at Ruby Tuesday, according to numbers compiled by CQ Moneyline. In the same span, they have spent more than $400,000 at Bobby Van’s.”

–  “Why Eric Cantor chose Bobby Van’s,” Eric Tau, Politico

It works. Cantor’s campaign raked in $5.5 million and his PAC took in $3.5 million more while Brat raised $206,663.

But the median annual household income in Virginia’s 7th District is $64,751, the value of the average family home is $188,400, and it’s a pretty long drive to Bobby Van’s.


“Elites Beware: Eric Cantor’s Defeat May Signal a Populist Revolution,” Ron Fournier, National Journal


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Supreme Court: Freedom of Speech = ‘Money Talks!’

April 4, 2014

Supreme Court: Freedom of Speech -- Money Talks!

In McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, the Supreme Court ruled 5 to 4 that money is speech, so the Constitution means rich guys can shout loud and long enough to drown out their political opponents. Why wouldn’t the Roberts Court justices claim money is speech? After all, they ruled that corporations are people.


“Supreme Court Strikes Down Overall Political Donation Cap,” Adam Liptak, New York Times 

“Supreme court strikes down cap on overall campaign contributions,” Dan Roberts, The Guardian

Supreme Court Defends Wealthy’s Right to Own Government,” Andy Borowitz, The New Yorker


Texas Town’s Request to Ted Nugent: Play ‘Far, Far Away’

March 26, 2014

Texas Town's Request to Ted Nugent: Play 'Far, Far Away'

The city of Longview Texas paid $16,250 to keep Ted Nugent from appearing at its municipal Fourth of July celebration. City leaders concluded that Mr. Nugent’s act was not the family-friendly entertainment they had in mind, but his agent claimed their preliminary talks constituted a verbal contract, so the town paid Mr. Nugent a “kill fee.” The 65-year-old rocker, once known for his guitar playing, now stays in the public eye through his racist comments, questionable lyrics, and gun-happy right-wing views.


“Longview pays off rocker Ted Nugent to not perform,” Richard Yeakley, Longview News-Journal

“Rejection slip from Longview gig has Nugent hot as a firecracker,” Bud Kennedy, Fort Worth Star Telegram


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Eliot Spitzer and Girlfriend Shock Jamaica

January 7, 2014

Eliot Spitzer and Girlfriend Shock Jamaica

According to the New York Post, the Big Apple’s tabloid rag of record, amorous antics in a hot tub by former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer and gal pal Lis Smith shocked fellow guests at a hotel in Jamaica’s Montego Bay.  At another hostelry, the Mayflower Hotel here in DC, Mr. Spitzer is better known as “Client Number 9.”

Lis Smith, former spokesperson for NYC’s new Mayor Bill DeBlasio, has recently been the constant companion of Mr. Spitzer who, for now, is wed to another. Ms. Smith worked on Mr. Spitzer’s failed campaign for New York City Comptroller.


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The Party’s Over

November 7, 2013

The Party's Over

We’re starting to get the spin — and the finger-pointing — on Tea Party Republican Ken Cuccinelli’s gubernatorial election loss.  Cooch coulda won if it wasn’t for those hostile Hispanics, Asian Americans  and Black folks. And voters with gay friends. And people who understand science. Oh, and all those unmarried voters and womenfolk.

Sounds like the majority 21st century American population, doesn’t it? The very people the GOP has spurned in its courtship of Tea Party extremists.

But wait. The Cooch was robbed. He really must have been beaten by those Northern Virginia suburbanites who work for federal contractors, angry about the government shutdown. Surely the Tea Party can’t be blamed for … never mind.

No, no, it was the GOP, the party stabbed Cooch in the back … the Libertarian candidate …the Big Money … the Military Industrial Complex


“How the tea party lost on Tuesday night,” Sean Sullivan and Aaron Blake, Washington Post blog

“Virginia Isn’t the Place Ken Cuccinelli Thinks It Is,” Jill Lawrence, National Journal

“Why Cuccinelli Lost: Hard-Right Conservatism Became A Liability In Virginia,” Daniel Strauss, Talking Points Memo

“Analysis: Tea party reels with Virginia loss, Christie romp,” David Lightman, Dallas Morning News


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Image by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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Congress Is 0n Vacation. Like It Is All Year Long.

August 9, 2013

Congress Is On Vacation. Like It Is All Year Long

The 113th Congress is taking a five-week recess after the exhausting labor of passing 22 bills in eight months, the smallest number in history. Of course, Congress only spends three days a week in DC even when it’s in session, spending the other four back home collecting campaign funds for the next election, a practice euphemistically called “meeting with constituents.”


New Chair of Congressional Adultery Caucus

May 9, 2013

New Chair of Congressional Adultery Caucus
Disgraced Former Governor Mark Sanford, noted Republican adulterer, has defeated comedian Steven Colbert’s sister and is the new Representative of South Carolina’s First Congressional District. He held that office once before, then became the Palmetto State’s governor and secretly ran off to Argentina with his mistress, telling aides he was hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Sounds like a good candidate for the House Foreign Affairs Committee.


Romney Remaindered

March 15, 2013

Romney Remaindered

CPAC is under way, the Conservative Political Action Conference, an annual carnival of costume-wearing Tea Party loons, gun-waving paranoids, anarchists libertarians, and bombastic demagogues conservative intellectuals. Last year, when Willard Mitt Romney was running for president, he told CPAC that he was “severely conservative.” This year CPAC is telling Mr. Romney that he’s a severe loser. He will be delivering his first public speech since the election, but CPAC scheduled him at a marginal Friday session. Even Sarah Palin and Donald Trump are getting better slots.

But which is more irrelevant, Mitt Romney or CPAC?



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