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Dr. Oz and The Baloney Diet

October 21, 2014

Dr. Oz and the Baloney Diet

Produced by Joss Fong, Joe Posner, Alex Hawley; narrated by Julia Belluz.



October 19, 2014

TV talker Bill O’Reilly has waged a persistent campaign denying the existence of White Privilege. Jon Stewart recently confronted him about it, asking about his upbringing in the original suburban subdivision, Levittown, on New York’s Long Island.

“It gave you a nice stable, a cheap home,” said Stewart, “there were no down payments.It was this incredible opportunity … Those houses were subsidized … It wasn’t lavish.”

O’Reilly: No, they weren’t subsidized. They were sold to GIs, and the GIs got a mortgage they could afford.”

Stewart: “Did that upbringing leave a mark on you even today?”

O’Reilly: “Of course. Every upbringing leaves a mark on people.”

Stewart: “Could black people live in Levittown?”

O’Reilly: “Not in that time — they could not.”

Stewart: “So that, my friend, is what we call in the business ‘white privilege.’”


Enjoy It While It Lasts, White Folks ….

October 6, 2014

This week’s Saturday Night Live included a “public service announcement” (above) reminding white people that they won’t be in the majority for long, so they better enjoy the “final few years of white dominance” while they can.

On a less humorous note:

“Soon to become a minority in the US, whites express declining support for diversity, psychology study finds,” Stuart Wolpert,

“Whites think discrimination against whites is a bigger problem than bias against blacks,” Michael A. Fletcher, Washington Post


Paula Deen’s ‘Comeback’ Makes No Splash

October 5, 2014

Paula Deen's 'Comeback' Makes No Splash
Disgraced Food Network star Paula Deen rolled out her new online video network last week and no one noticed, despite her best efforts. Much of  the new “network” content consists of reruns of Ms. Deen’s old cable shows. The price of entry: $9.99 a month, $119.88 a year (not including butter).


“The Future of Cheesecake Will Not Be Televised: Paula Deen Moves Online,” Felix Gillette, Businessweek

“Paula Deen Documentary and $10 Reruns Coming to New Network,” Khushbu Shah, Eater

“Paula Deen Is Still Apologetic and Very Confused,” Daniela Galarza

“The Leftovers,” Taffy Brodesser-Akner, Medium

“Steve Harvey Recruits Paula Deen to Teach Culinary Arts,” Natelege Whaley, BET News

“What’s Really Behind That Crazy New Paula Deen/Steve Harvey Partnership,” Holly Eagleson, Takepart


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Breaking: The Latest Word

September 6, 2014

Newscasters Huntley and Brinkley John Oliver and Cookie Monster, the latest word in TV journalism. A  Sesame Street/Mashable collaboration.

Words fail us ….


“Words Are Here, There, and Everywhere,” Sesame Street

WORD-TV News out-takes


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Sarah Palin Launches TV Network

July 28, 2014

Sarah Palin Launches TV Network

Sarah Palin, former Miss Wasilla, once part-time Temp-Governor of Alaska, losing GOP Vice Presidential candidate and failed Fox News commentator, is launching her own on-line TV network, the Sarah Palin Channel. Run on free-market principles, it’ll cost you $9.95 a month or $99.95 a year. A comment on Gawker suggests you go monthly, since Palin will probably quit after 6 months, like she did as Governor of Alaska.


“Sarah Palin Launches Her Own Channel Online,” Todd Spangler, Variety

“Sarah Palin begins her own online channel,” Catalina Camia, USA Today

“Sarah Palin Launches Subscription-Based Online Video Channel,” Andrew Kirell, Mediaite

“Millions Pay for Rare Opportunity to Hear Sarah Palin Speak,” Andy Borowitz, The New Yorker


Herb Jeffries, ‘Bronze Buckaroo’

June 2, 2014

Herb Jeffries, ‘Bronze Buckaroo’

Herb Jeffries, who sang with Duke Ellington and starred in early black westerns as the singing “Bronze Buckaroo,” died last week. He was believed to be 100 years old.



May 27, 2014


After 62 years, JET magazine is leaving the newsstand, ending its print edition, but it will continue in digital format. The compact print publication will be missed in neighborhood barbershops, salons, candy stores, at checkout counters, and everywhere people want a quick read. Scrolling through it on a cell phone just won’t be the same.


It’s Sad. But It’s Getting Sick.

March 23, 2014

It's Sad. But It's Getting Sick.

“World’s first cyber hijack: Was missing Malaysia Airlines flight hacked with mobile phone?” James Fielding and Stuart Winter, The Express

“CNN: Did a Black Hole Make Flight 370 Disappear?” Taylor Berman, Gawker

“Spoon-bender Uri Geller asked by Malaysian officials to locate missing plane,” Sophie Alexander, The Express

“Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Is There a Bermuda Triangle Connection?” Benjamin Radford,


Ex-Reality Star Returns to TV

February 23, 2014

Ex-Reality Star Returns to TV

Sarah Palin, former Miss Wasilla, failed sportscaster, ex-part-time Temp-Governor of Alaska and star of “reality” shows on TLC and Fox News, is back on the small screen in “Amazing America.” It’s on the Sportsman Channel, even though Mrs. Palin is a poor outdoorswoman.


“Former Reality Star Sarah Palin Returns To Television,” Ben Jacobs, Daily Beast



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